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2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st


OrangeG is a one-person multi-instrumentalist based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. His original indiefolk songs open a window into a weathered soul with a gasoline fueled voice that that strikes a balance between Tom Waits and Jeff Tweedy. Despite performing solo, OrangeG has perfected the art of projecting energy and emotion in his live shows. Multi-tasking is his speciality, often playing multiple instruments simultaneously. OrangeG started releasing music during the pandemic, and quickly built a large internet following (11k followers on Twitter, 1.9k followers on Instagram, 1k followers on Spotify). In addition to releasing his own tracks, he has collaborated with artists across the globe (US, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, UK, France, Canada). An OrangeG debut album (The Void Bereft) is nearly done, to be released in the early Fall, and a split EP with the John Michie Collective and Chris James Willows (The Round Lakes: I'll Take the River) Summer 2022.

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