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2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

Music Instrument Donation Drive "Play It Forward" Farina Foundation

Donations to The Farina Foundation directly support providing the youth in our community the opportunity to fulfill their musical passions and aspirations. Play It Forward, Donate that unused instrument today! Stop by this event on June 21st to donate a instrument today or contact us! Refurbishment of Used Instruments Instruments are donated to The Farina Foundation in various states. We accept nearly any instrument that is in good playable condition. Instruments are loaned to children who cannot afford to rent or purchase one of their own. We ensure that the donated instruments are in good condition, refurbished, and thoroughly cleaned. At best, cleaning and repair work is minor costing $50. However a complete refurbishment can cost up to $600. The average cost for instrument refurbishment is $200

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