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Make Music



Connect all Pittsburgh community members, regardless of age, musical experience, or ability, to make and enjoy music every summer solstice, while also encouraging further participation in music-making.


A city where all community members are enabled to make music and feel connected and supported in their musical engagement.

Make Music Day Pittsburgh

Make Music Pittsburgh is a festival designed to showcase local musical talent and inspire others to play music. Performers of all ages, levels, and styles of music are welcome. Last year, due to COVID-19, we hosted a virtual 11-hour streaming that reached an audience of over 1,000 individuals.  Despite being physically apart, our passion to share music and bring communities together lives on.

Make Music Pittsburgh is a community organization sponsored by New Sun Rising.

Strategic Goals 2020-2023


  1. Encourage all Pittsburgh community members to make music
  2. Encourage community members to continue to make music beyond Make Music Day
  3. Increase the number of neighborhoods involved in MMDPGH


  1. Connect community music makers to the resources available in their neighborhoods
  2. Foster an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages all community members to make music

About Make Music Day

Originally started in France in 1982, Pittsburgh will be one of over 1,000 cities playing music on June 21, 2020, as part of a global Make Music Day celebration.¬† Whether it’s Hip-Hop in Lawrenceville, Gospel in Highland Park, Bluegrass in Squirrel Hill, Classical in the Hill District, or kids rocking out on buckets at The Children’s Museum, Make Music Pittsburgh is about enjoying music in its purest form with Pittsburgh flare.