Make Music


Performers: Interested in becoming a performer? Everyone is invited to play! The event is open to young and old, soloists and groups, blues, rap, classical – even all at the same time!

The three options available to musicians are as follows:

  1. Step outside and play!  Find a spot on a sidewalk, porch, or in a park and play music.  If you plan this spot ahead of time and would like to be listed on our website, please feel free to sign up as an artist and as a venue in our system.  
  2. Reach out to a business and ask them if you can play in front of their location.  If they say yes, ask them to sign up as a venue to match with.
  3. Wait for venues to sign up in our matching system and match with them directly.

*Musicians do not need to sign up with this site in order to play outside on June 21st*

(The City of Pittsburgh does not require street musicians/buskers to get a permit to play outside.  Musicians can set up anywhere in they city without a permit as long as they do not set up a stage, block the sidewalk/street, and no one complains about excessive noise.  In the event a stage is needed, please contact us at for more information.)

Venues: Whether the venue is a front porch, sidewalk in front of a business, in a coffee shop, or in a side lot, all venues are welcome! Please click here to sign up your location here to match with an artist.

Volunteers:  We are looking people who are willing to help get the word out, flier neighborhoods, help people sign up, make phone calls, and just be jazzy.  Contact us at  or fill out our Google Form