Make Music


On June 21, 2018 Pittsburgh  will host is fourth annual Make Music Pittsburgh in all of the inner city neighborhoods. Make Music Pittsburgh is a festival designed to show off our local musical talent and inspire others to play music as well. Originally started in France in 1982, Pittsburgh will become one of over 700 cities playing music on June 21, 2018 as part of a global Make Music Day celebration.  Whether it’s hip hop in Lawrenceville, gospel in Highland Park, bluegrass in Squirrel Hill, classical in the Hill District, or kids playing the harmonica in Bloomfield, Make Music Pittsburgh is about what we as a city decide to make it.  Make Music Pittsburgh will be a day of music inspired and created by those who live in our region and decide to join us in the city to make music. Musicians decide to sign up to play and businesses and homes make the decision to sign up to have musicians outside of their places.  Every musician has the power to choose where they are located and every location can match with their preferred style of music – just keep it outdoors so everyone can enjoy!

This June 21st every quiet space in Pittsburgh will be filled with live music.  Everyone is encouraged to participate by either playing music outside, providing an outdoor space, volunteering, or walking around and listening to the various concerts around the city. Performers of all ages, levels, and styles of music are welcome!!