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On June 21, 2017 Pittsburgh  will host is third annual Make Music Pittsburgh in all of the inner city neighborhoods. Make Music Pittsburgh is a festival designed to show off our local musical talent and inspire others to play music as well. Originally started in France in 1982, Pittsburgh will become one of over 700 cities playing music on June 21, 2017 as part of a global Make Music Day celebration.  Whether it’s hip hop in Lawrenceville, gospel in Highland Park, blue grass in Squirrel Hill, classical in the Hill District, or kids playing the harmonica in Bloomfield, Make Music Pittsburgh is about what we as a city decide to make it.  Make Music Pittsburgh will be a day of music inspired and created by those who live in our region and decide to join us in the city to make music. Musicians decide to sign up to play and businesses and homes make the decision to sign up to have musicians outside of their places.  Every musician has the power to choose where they are located and every location can match with their preferred style of music – just keep it outdoors so everyone can enjoy!

This June 21st every quiet space in Pittsburgh will be filled with live music.  Everyone is encouraged to participate by either playing music outside, providing an outdoor space, volunteering, or walking around and listening to the various concerts around the city. Performers of all ages, levels, and styles of music are welcome!!


Performers: Interested in becoming a performer? Everyone is invited to play! The event is open to young and old, soloists and groups, blues, rap, classical – even all at the same time!

The City of Pittsburgh does not require street musicians/buskers to get a permit to play outside.  Musicians can set up anywhere in they city without a permit as long as they do not set up a stage, block the sidewalk/street, and no one complains about excessive noise.  In the event a stage is needed, please contact us at for more information.

The three options available to musicians are as follows:

  1. Step outside and play!  Find a spot on a sidewalk, porch, or in a park and play music.  If you plan this spot ahead of time and would like to be listed on our website, please feel free to sign up as an artist and as a venue in our system.  Otherwise all musicians are welcome to step outside and play – even without signing up.
  2. Reach out to a business and ask them if you can play in front of their location.  If they say yes, ask them to sign up as a venue to match with.
  3. Wait for venues to sign up in our matching system and match with them directly.

***Musicians do not need to sign up with this site in order to play outside on June 21st.  If you are a musician and you know a place where you would like to play, feel free to speak with the venue and set it up directly.  Always gain permission from a location first!!***

Venues: Whether the venue is a front porch, sidewalk in front of a business, in a coffee shop, or in a side lot, all venues are welcome! Please click here to sign up your location here to match with an artist.

Volunteers:  We are looking people who are willing to help get the word out, flier neighborhoods, help people sign up, make phone calls, and just be jazzy.  Contact us at for more information!


Check out the line-up from June 21, 2015, Pittsburgh – the first annual Make Music Pittsburgh.  Please get involved as a musician, volunteer, or location – we look forward to playing music with you!

10-11 Pierce Dipner at Square Café

10-11:30 By Process of Elimination at the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh

10-12:45 Three Rivers String Quartet – Violin/Cello Duet at the Squirrel Hill Farmers Market

11-1 Kay at Sq Hill Market

11-12 Cindy Harris at the Staghorn Home and Garden Cafe

11-1 Pedro Mota at Schenley Plaza

11-12 The Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus at the Square Café

11:30-12:30 – King Fez Band at the Pittsburgh Glass Center

11:30-1 – Chris Fetter at the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh

11:30-1 Pierce Dipner at Hambones

12-12:30 Damaged Pies/Steve Bodner at 5272 Studios

12-2 Anthony Jardine at Pittsburgh Winery

12-2 Three Sides at Howlers

12-1 Tom Maroon at Square Café

12-1 Insert Band Name here at the East End Book Exchange

12-1:30 Nash at Harris Grill

12:15-12:45 Octeel at Yoga Hive

12:30-1:30 Marc Reisman at the Children’s Museum

1-3 Steel City Ukuleles at the Schenley Plaza

1:30-3 KC Stangl at Concept Art Gallery

1-2:30 Ahveekhy Ben Binah Yah and Sounds of Paradise at Row House Cinema

1:30-2pm Octeel at Local 412

2-2:30 MB at Hambones

2-3 Timbeleza at Kaya

2-3 The Hills and the Rivers at Local 412

2-3 Fry Jones at the East End Book Exchange

2-3 Eric Gratta, Susanne Westhoff at Pittsburgh Glass Center

2-3 King Fex Band at the Children’s Museum

2-4 Kay at Howlers

2:15- 4pm Tim Mulhern at Pittsburgh Winery

2:30-3:15 The H&T at 5272 Studios

3-4pm Tom Maroon at Hambones

3-5pm Calliope Songwriters at Schenley Plaza

3-4pm Charmaine Evonne at East End Book Exchange

4-5pm James Dale Pittsburgh Winery

4-6pm KC Stangl at Howlers

4-5pm JD Rau at Hambones

4-4:30 The H&T at Local 412

5:30-7pm Kea Michaels at Schenley Plaza

6-7:30 Carnegie Boys and Girls at the Carnegie Boys and Girls club

6:30-7pm DaButtonPusha at 5272 Studios

7:30-8:15 a.m Faces at 5272 Studios


Make Music Pittsburgh has a rockin’ team of volunteers!! Thanks to these folks the festival gets bigger every year!!

 If you are interested in getting involved please reach out to – the more the merrier!!

Jasmine Kurjakovic – Make Music Pittsburgh

Kevin Seklecki – Performers/Mass Appeal Concerts

Josh Rolon – Manages Community Development Corporation relationships/Venues

Minuet Kurjakovic – Website

Carissa Weibley – Treasurer

Todd Williams – Lawyer

Advisory Board

Pete Spynda – Weather Permitting/Ryan Arts and Culture Center, McKees Rocks

Ben Soltesz – Deutschetown Music  Festival

Justin Strong – Spirit

Eric Sloss – Busker Street Union/Busking Stages

Tim Gaber – Pittsburgh  Winery

Sarah Aziz – The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Mary Jo Coll – Hambones, Howlers artist booking

Henry Pyatt – Mayor Bill Peduto’s office

Erika Strassburger – Councilman Dan Gilman’s Office


Jordan Pearlman





Make Music Pittsburgh is in the process of becoming a 501 (c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.   All concerts are free and open to the public. Your donations help make it possible.  Please reach out to us at if you are interested in supporting this amazing day!


Here are some beautiful photos from last year as well as from our our sister cities New York and Los Angeles  courtesy of Getty Images!

Childrens MuseumKiaWineryPlazaTimbalezaPlaza1


3-minute video of various concerts from 2015: edited by Tom Weber

If you are interested in writing about Make Music Pittsburgh, please contact us at – and thank you!

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Please feel free to contact us with questions or ideas at